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How to descend of the bean weevil?

I presume that the bean weevil needs not to be introduced to you. This is small little beetle of 3–4 mm big, that can be found on the seeds in the kitchen for example.

These detrimental small beetles develop in the seed of all kinds of pods. In fact, every pod type has some of these creatures – the broad bean – broad bean weevil (beetle), pea – pea beetle, lentils – lentils beetle, and garden broad bean – garden broad bean beetle etc.…

On the damaged seeds you can find bruises at the places where little holes were drilled by the larvaes. When the adult beetles hatch, drill holes become visible in the seeds. Beetles often cause most of the damage during the storing period (because the living conditions are ideal) irrespective of the fact that the plant was already contaminated when it was still in the garden.

The fight against the beetle is fortunately completely simple and efficient (100% chance of success!).


Weevil on Erythrina lysistemon seeds

Immediately after picking the pods with ripe seeds, peel them and let them dry out, and make sure that there are no contaminated seeds between them. Throw away all damaged seeds (the best way is to burn them). After it put the seeds in a plastic or cotton bag and put them in your deep freezer for 48 hours. This way you can break the growing phase of the beetle.

After taking the seeds out of the deep freezer, you can now dry them for around 2–3 days at room temperature. You can leave the seeds in the plastic bag until you want to use it. Seeds that were stored this way can only become contaminated from seeds bought in a shop.

For this reason, it is even better to store your seeds in a glass bottle with lid. The seeds must dry completely otherwise, it will rot. This way you can make absolutely sure that your seeds will not be contaminated by beetles.

The bean weevil can also be fought by choosing the right seeds – there are namely quite a lot of species that the bean weevil does not like.


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