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Mangoes of Indonesia

On the Borneo Island in Indonesia there are 34 Mango species (Mangifera) occurring naturally on the island. Many of these species are seriously in danger of extinction due to the rainforests’ deforestation. Some of Mango species, e.g. Kalimantan Mango (Mangifera casturi) is already extinct in the wild.

Some other perspective Mango trees from Borneo are for instance the Mangifera griffithi (known under the following local names: asem raba, and romian), Mangifera pajang (asem payang), Mangifera quadrifida (asem kipang) and Mangifera torquenda (asem putaran).

Fragrant Mango (Mangifera odorata) is a popular Mango species often grown in South-East Asia. It is a hybrid between the most popular grown Mango (Mangifera indica) and the Horse Mango (Mangifera foetida). It is known under the local names: kuweni, kuwini (in the Indonesian language); kweni, asam membacang, macang, lekup (in the Malay Language); kuwini, ambacang, embacang, lakuik (in the Minangkabau language); kuweni, kebembem (in the Betawi language); kaweni, kawini, bembem (in the Sundanese language); kaweni, kuweni, kweni (in the Javanese language); kabeni, beni, bine, pao kabine (in the Madurese language), kweni, weni (in the Balinese language); mangga kuini (on the North Sulawesi); and kuini, guin, koini, kowini, koine, guawe stinki, sitingki, hitingki (on the Maluku Islands).

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