Botanix - A Gardener's Journal of KPR Gardeners Club

Botanix - Multilingual gardener's journal


Botanix - A Gardener's Journal of KPR Gardeners Club Gardeners Club

Botanix is the only worldwide gardener's journal. The first edition was published in Slovakia in spring 2000. Later it was available only on the internet. Since summer 2008 Botanix was published in other languages online on our website as well!

The increasing amount of information is specifically meant for Slovak gardeners; however it can be used in most of the European countries. With some limitations this information can also be used in other countries. For example: Many frost tolerant plants can not be grown in tropical areas, since the cold season is essential for good health of these plants. Tropical plants for instance should be grown in greenhouses or indoors in areas where frost is found.

If Botanix is not available in your language or does not have articles suitable for your country's climate, feel free to start to write articles to us on the subject of the plants, growing of plants etc. or translate current articles in your mother tongue.

The following language mutations are identical at the moment, but in near future they will not be identical anymore. Thus if you can speak more than one language, read more editions in different languages!

KPR (an abbreciation from Slovak name "Klub pestovateľov rastlín", in English literally meaning "The Club of Plants Growers") is an international gardener's organization with the following most important goals:

  • To join together gardeners around the world from all fields and interests
  • To create a large database of seeds and plants (Seeds and Plants Bank of KPR) in order to put together a reliable and comprehensive source of information on as many plants as possible for gardeners around the globe
  • To provide a meeting place for gardeners around the world where they will be able to share gardening experiences with each other

The KPR was officially established in Slovakia in Europe in 2000; however its origins goes back to 1998.

We started our Club around seven years ago Slovak language. Since that time we have had many members mainly from Slovakia and Czechia.

Now you can also enjoy all the benefits of being a member of KPR Slovakia - It does not matter who you are, where you are from and what language you speak. Read more here!

Anyone from anywhere in the world who loves plants, are more than welcome to join us. Join us now!

Unfortunately, one disadvantage still exists: You will not be able to read our club journal Botanix, if you cannot understand any of the languages in which is Botanix available. However, if you are interested to read Botanix in your own language, you are more than welcome to join with other gardeners speaking your language, and provide us with articles dedicated to gardening, plants etc. There are no restrictions for your self-fulfillment!

The increasing amount of information suitable for Slovak gardeners, can not often be used by gardeners residing in tropical areas, and vice versa, thus articles in your own language in Botanix would be desirable.

What are you waiting for? It is easy! You can start right now!

Contact us, if you wish to have your own Botanix in your language, or would like to have articles published in the existing Botanix in your language. We welcome articles in any language of the world and your are more than welcome to publish articles, even if you are not an existing member of KPR.


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